The Beginning

Dear Reader,
My name is Laura Jean, and I’m the younger sister (by two years) in the blog’s title. I’m young and impressionable, and still trying to figure out how to cope with a food addiction and a whole mess of body issues. Am I alone in this? Is this unique?


That is why I’m tagging along on this whole blog-train with my brilliant sister, Deanna (Deed, Deedee, Dee-licious, Dee-lightful, etc.). I’m going to start off real slowly here, and simply say this: watch this video. That’s all, here it is, it changed my microcosm of self-image and I pray it’ll change yours a bit, too.


4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. McKinstry Sisters! I am going to be a loyal follower/promoter of this blog. I am excited to hear whatever you beautiful ladies have to say. Loved the video.

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