Another blog? Really?

me with our dog, Duke!

Me with my dog, Duke.

I’ve been debating whether or not to start a blog for over a year. As a somewhat private person my first instinct was to say “aren’t there enough people sharing the intimate details of their lives out there?” Then Laura and I started talking about food and why neither of us have self-control when it comes to anything yummy, and this blog is the result of that conversation. So the question that I’m asking myself as I type this is, really? Why add another blog to the already overflowing melting pot that is the internet?

Laura and I have a lot to learn about health and food and everything that is related to that. We want to learn together, supporting each other when things get tough. This blog is simply a forum for that learning. I also want to keep improving as a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a minister, and all of the other roles I fill. Finally I want to inspire and be inspired by others – you!

So yes, really.  We are throwing yet another blog into the proverbial pot. No, we are not the queens of crafts or sewing masters, but we hope that sharing some of what we learn on this journey adds something of value to the internet world, and most of all to your world. We invite you to learn, to search, to inspire and be inspired along with us!

Have a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “Another blog? Really?

  1. I understand completely!
    I would write my blog if it were only for myself…writing helps me clear my thoughts & inspires “me” 🙂
    BUT…part of my joy is in the sharing…no matter how many other people are reading. I have really enjoyed this new “running/blog” community so far.

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