Getting Back on Track

It’s Wednesday night and I’m having couch potato guilt. I worked out on Friday (ran a mile- slooooowly) and Saturday (walked the dog, so a semi-workout), and then… nada. The plan was to catch a yoga class with a friend on Sunday, but that fell through and I haven’t worked out since.

I have this problem all the time: when I get “off track” on a workout plan, I have trouble jumping back on said track. Even if the plan is just in my mind, I seem to have a mental block when it comes to working out after I’ve skipped once. Why do we use the term “off track,” anyways? A quick Google search didn’t reveal much, but it seems to have something to do with railroad terminology. In that context my reluctance makes sense; a train once derailed cannot get back “on track.”

Wait, what? I’m not a train! Maybe the terminology that I use needs to change. So when I miss a planned workout, what should I call it? A “missed opportunity”? An “unexpected gap in my workout plan”? Hmm. I wonder if the key for changing my thinking about working out is to stop being so rigid. To forgive myself, and release the guilt and perfectionism that says “all or nothing.”

Obviously this is 100% easier said than done. A practical way to do this might be thinking about workouts day by day instead of week by week, as I tend to do. Maybe I just over plan things! So this is my LIMITED plan for tomorrow (procrastinators unite, right?): run a mile with Duke in the morning. It doesn’t matter what I do or don’t do this weekend, I’m just planning for tomorrow right now. Let’s see if this works!

Does anyone else struggle with working out after skipping one? Are there other situations that make you not want to work out again? Comment away! I’ll post an update on what I do/don’t do tomorrow. Goodnight!

***Update*** (4/25/13)

I did it! Duke and I had a great run. It was a little chilly but it’s finally warming up here in Indiana!

A beautiful sight on my Friday run.

A beautiful sight on my Friday run. Don’t you love spring?


5 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

  1. LOL @ procrastinators unite, right? I tend to stay on track with I log my workouts to my calendar. I think of these as dates with myself. I also try and drag friends along. It’s harder to say noI would rather veg out on the couch if you are meeting friends. I feel like once you miss one day, missing day two feels a little easier, then day three, then next thing you know it’s been a freaking month.

    • Thinking of workouts as dates with yourself is a great idea- then you have more incentive than “this is good for me.” And missing workouts does just start to snowball, right? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Deedee!! How is your running going? I need to get back on the whole ‘using my body for something other than sitting’ thing 🙂

    • It’s going really well! I’ve run every other day since this post. It’s been really good to make every other day as a goal instead of every day because I can motivate myself much easier after a day off and it’s much less pressure. I also haven’t been sore yet, so that’s great. I’m only going about 1 1/2 – 2 miles, and running a 1/4 mile and then walking a 1/4 mile. I found a really cool trail by my house that leads right to a dog park, so that’s been great.

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