A Tulip Obsession

Spring is finally here and I am loving the cheerful flowers popping up all over my neighborhood! The favorite by far seems to be tulips, mostly red but also orange, pink, and yellow as well. I also saw some orange ones with white stripes in the middle- so amazing. Going on long walks with Duke has definitely opened my eyes to the beauty that is right in my neighborhood. You can’t see the stripes inside of a flower from the drivers’ seat of a car! So even though Duke can be annoying when he interrupts what I’m doing with his need to take a walk, I’m thankful for wonderful details of God’s creation that I’ve been able to see as a result. Here are some pictures I took yesterday on my run and this morning on a walk. Notice that yesterday the tulips were closed because the sun wasn’t out, and today they are open and drinking in the sun!

I hope that you also get to drink in the sun today, wherever you are!

Yesterday the tulips were closed...

Yesterday the tulips were closed…












and now they are open!

and now they are open!















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