Running Update

Laura asked me how running is going and I realized I haven’t said anything about it since that last post! I use the IOS app Runkeeper (I think it’s just a few dollars) to track where/ how long/ how fast I run. So here’s how I’ve been doing:

Fri April 19th: 1.48 miles, 23.21 minutes

Thurs April 25th: 1.61 miles, 25.44 minutes

Sun April 28th: 1.7 miles, 25.18 minutes

Tues April 30th: 2.27 miles 32.26 minutes

Today: 1.24 miles, 15.15 minutes

What I normally do is run a 1/4 mile, walk a 1/4 mile. On the last two runs I was able to run 3 of the 1/4 miles, which was awesome. The April 30th run was so long because I discovered a great running path right by my house that leads to a dog park! So when I have time, that’s the route I will take. But today I just had an hour in between class and work, so I did a quick run.

Slowly but surely my heart and lungs are getting acclimated to this much activity. It’s been great to just have the goal of doing every other day, because it takes the pressure off of me. Plus, it’s way easier to motivate myself to get out the door after I’ve had a day off.

I love the Runkeeper app because it lets you attach a picture to each run after you complete it, so I’ve been taking pictures along the way or taking a picture of me and Duke. It’s just one of those little things that makes running a bit more fun.

How have you been exercising lately? If you run, what are the things that motivate you? What apps have you tried to help you work out?

Have a wonderful day!

Scenes from the last few runs:



Geese babies! Duke and I quickly ran by when they were on the path to avoid an angry mama…


Love those tulips!


Duke, exhausted. The pretty petals that fell from the tree were carpeting the ground. It was kind of magical to run on.


Ok, so maybe I’m obsessed with pretty flowers.


This was from the run or my walk to work today… I don’t remember. The trees are all in bloom around here and it is wonderful.


I love this (sadly abandoned) old gorgeous house. It is surrounded by these pink and red blooming trees!







Duke and I after our run today. Yes, we are on kitchen floor. He laid down as soon as we came in and it looked like a nice place to rest 🙂


3 thoughts on “Running Update

  1. We’ve(my husband and I) have been using the mapmyrun app…but I love that you can save a picture with your runkeeper app. That’s neat!….& your pics are beautiful!

    I remember feeling like my lungs were going to come out of my chest when I started running 3 years ago. That part gets easier!

    • Thank you! It’s good hear that it gets easier… I have to tell you, your comments inspired me to run yesterday! AND I ran a straight half mile for the first time in a year. Couldn’t keep the grin off of my face. Thank you for the inspiration!

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