To the women I love

Haha, I have another confession.  I am SO JEALOUS of my big sister Deed because she’s rocking the running scene.  Go Deedee, Go!! 

On the food front, congratulations to my mother, Sharlene!!  She’s a beautiful woman of God and has just discovered that being ‘healthy’ is not a pride thing- it is NOT trying to be thin to please the world instead of pleasing God. 

Being healthy IS HONORING what God gave you to take care of- His temple!  Awesome news for an amazing lady.  She’s on Weight Watchers and has lost four pounds this month!!  I’m excited that God is teaching her, myself, and Deedee so much about how to live with ourselves in a way that most honors him!

I love these women, and the Lord is good for allowing our struggles to show His glory through them!  It’s not easy, but Jesus never promised easy.  If you’re a believer, pray for us and let us know how we can pray for your struggles as well.  May God bless you and grow you in His name and for His glory!


Me, my Dad Jeff, my beautiful sister (the bride) next to our beautiful mother (Sharlene), and my brother Aaron . (July 2011)



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