das Leben ist schön


Well, life is lovely around here- or should I say “nun, hier herum das Leben ist schön”- or something like that! I took my Theological German final on Thursday, but we learned more of how to read German and less of how to speak it, so no guarantees! Feel free to correct me.

And with that exam out of the way, hello summer! This will be our first summer in our new town- my husband and I moved here in February. It was a HUGE change for the better. Probably the best thing that’s come out of moving has been our dog, Duke. We adopted him from the Humane Society literally the first day we moved into our house (on Valentines’ Day!) and he has been wonderful and at times a challenge.

Having a dog has made us 110% more active in our everyday lives. First of all we live on the second floor of a house, so we have to climb stairs every time he needs to go out. Beyond that, puppies have an incredible amount of energy! If we want to get any sleep at night whatsoever, we need to tire him out during the day.

Running with him is a great way to do that and having a running partner, even a canine one, is great accountability for me. A few weeks ago I discovered that we, incredibly, live next to a beautiful walking path (called the Walk of Excellence- a little pompous but it really is excellent) that leads directly to a fenced-in dog park. If we walk there on the path and back a more direct way it’s almost exactly two miles. I always see random cool things- baby geese, vultures, enormous great danes- and meet awesome people. Today there was a couple riding beach cruisers with a tiny yorkie in one of their bike baskets!

Walking and running to tire Duke (and myself!) out has also made me more active in other areas of my life. I say “me” and not “us” because my husband tends to be much more active than I. Both of us walk to work fairly often- we both work downtown and live just a 10 minute walk away. He even rides his bike to the university, which is much further. The other day we took our dinner to the park and I ended up helping a guy unhook his first fish of the summer!

I’ve always intended to lead a more active lifestyle, but it wasn’t until we got a dog that it really happened. He forces me to get off the couch when all I want to do is watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy. His happy face encourages me to take long walks on the days when I’m not running, or when I’ve already gone on a run. Sometimes that same face can be incredibly annoying when I’m in the middle of something and don’t want to get up and take him downstairs. Having a puppy isn’t a walk in the park (haha get- it?) and there are times when I wonder if the benefits outweigh the everyday annoyances, but he definitely gives me the incentive I need to stay active.

What makes you stay active? Or, what might make you more active? If you have a dog or another pet, does that help you? If you don’t have a pet, what motivates you?

Have a blessed day!


Our Valentines Day puppy on his very first night home.


Catch of the day!


The Walk of Excellence


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