Aliens on my Feet


That dreaded/exciting time has come… new running shoes. I bought Nike Revolutions last year around this time and they’ve been great, but last week I started getting shin splints.

This year due to price and the comfort of getting something I know I like, I bought the Nike Revolution 2. They are super pretty: grey with neon pink and turquoise accents (the Finish Line store website doesn’t show the neon pink). I admit that how the shoes look is almost as important to me as how comfortable/quality they are. If I see pretty shoes in my closet (or on my floor…) I’m much more likely to put them on.

I’m breaking them in at work today and they feel so different than my familiar worn-in shoes. They are more cushy, stiff, and just strange. I keep thinking that I have aliens on my feet today! I’ll have a full review of them when I’ve used them for about two weeks.

What kind of running/athletic shoes do you wear? Do you hate getting new ones or is it exciting? How do you know when to get new ones?

Have a blessed day!


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