Random tips that keep me going in a

Random tips that keep me going in a positive health direction:

  1. Sitting up straight!  I challenge myself to work out when I’m not working out by sitting like the tall, strong, sophisticated woman I am. 🙂
  2. Walking with my family and friends to relax and hang out 🙂
  3. 15 minute workouts on three days of the week.  They remind me that my body can do incredible feats- like 15 man-pushups in a row!!  Oh, and they made me realize I have abs!!  WHAT?!
  4. Being real up-front and honest about what I’m eating and when, with the people around me.  Do they really care about what I eat?  No.  But they care about me, which means I can rely on them to keep me accountable.  God gave us people and people are the way in which he chooses to influence us as individuals a lot of the time.
  5. Standing whenever possible- when I’m on Facebook or surfing the web mindlessly, or looking at Deed’s posts on here, I’ll put my laptop on a high surface and…stand!  It’s real tiring, which means that I’m doing something that requires energy, which is helpful!



One thought on “Random tips that keep me going in a

  1. I second the standing one! I’m not very good at doing it at home, but when I go to the library to work on papers/research, they have shelves that are at standing height and it helps me stay on track with whatever I need to work on. It’s harder to browse facebook when I’m standing up for some reason 🙂

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