May Running Update

My favorite running partner <3

My favorite running partner ❤

Well, I started May with a running update so I think it’s appropriate to end May with another one! I’m still going strong with my decision to run every other day, with the exception of one weekend this month. Lately I’ve even started running on my off days every once in a while, which is a good and bad thing. Anyways, I won’t write up a list because it would be too long, but here are some milestones:

This month I…

Ran a whole mile without stopping for the first time in years on the 22nd.

Ran 1.25 miles without stopping (today!).

Ran/walked 3.1 miles four times.

As I look over my notes that I take in the Runkeeper App (you input them right after the run along with any photos) I’m noticing the joyful words that tend to show up. Words like victorious, happy, loved, woot, wooooo, good, yay, nice, haha, and proud. Not to mention all of the happy punctuation: exclamation points and smiley faces galore 🙂 It’s amazing how even when I don’t want to go for a run beforehand, I always end up happy afterwards. It’s true that you never regret a workout.

As far as numbers go, here are my best times/distances:

Longest distance run/walking: 3.1 miles (39:22 minutes)

Longest distance only running: 1.25 (13:46 minutes)

Shortest mile time: 10:13

I’m enjoying having mini-goals to keep striving (striding?) toward- running an entire half a mile, then a whole mile, and my new goal is 1.5 miles. Plus distance goals- I want to run a 5k so I started running 3.1 miles. 3.1 miles still kills me, so I’m sticking there for a while.

I can see some changes in my body: less of a belly, more muscles in my legs. A few pounds have been lost but I’m gaining it back in muscle. I definitely sleep better. Overall, I feel better more than anything. It feels great to be successfully accomplishing a goal that I set for myself. It feels great to be at the point of thinking about running a 5k. It feels great to say “I’m a runner.”

So if you’re on the fence about running, just get up and do it. One step after the other is all it takes. One of my favorite quotes is: even if you’re going slowly, you’re still faster than that person on the couch. Don’t let yourself be that person on the couch! Start small, and the rest will follow.


Pictures from my runs this month:


A beautiful covered bridge in Highland Park.


Duke was just as happy as I was to be done with that run!


I can’t resist a gorgeous flower.


Turtles in Wildcat Creek 🙂


Duke on our lawn. This wasn’t on a run, but I couldn’t resist 🙂

My favorite running partner.

Relaxing in the dog park and enjoying my (then) new shoes.


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