A Fresh Perspective

God has blessed me immeasurably.  I am truly thankful for who He has made me to be, where He has put me, and the beautiful and tragic world He has created.

Here on Greentree Naturals Farm in Sandpoint, ID, I wake up every morning to the gorgeous chirping of birds and the bright sunshine flooding my gutted Airstream trailer-turned-bedroom.  I make a simple breakfast of oatmeal and peanut butter and join my fellow farm interns on the porch overlooking the farm to start the day.Image.  

Here, my body issues seem far, far away.  Praise the Lord!  I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.  A book that God has placed in my life recently has changed my relationship with food: it’s called Women, Food, and God by Jeanine Roth.  

My only regret about the book is that Jeanine hasn’t found Christ yet, but she is on the right track with her theory that the way we eat is simply a manifestation of how we see the world.  The act of overeating and losing control is a product of our worldview:  food is our last hope- not God, not shopping, or any other obsessions that are available to us- food.  That was hard for me to confront in myself- and still is, although all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)!

So now God has freed me from obsession with food.  He has allowed me to open my heart to dealing with my emotions His way, instead of turning to food.  Now I journal my feelings, or find a trusted friend to talk to about them.  I enjoy eating again!  I actually appreciate what goes into my body, and relish the flavors and textures, instead of feeling immense pleasure/comfort and then immediate guilt following each bite.  Praise the Lord, He has set me free!  And He will continue to set me free from all that entraps me.  

So, here’s to loving myself- this incredible body that can lift 30+ lbs of compost in a wheelbarrow, that can continually bend down and stand up in order to spread the compost on the plant rows, that can mountain bike up and down crazy-rocky hills while somehow staying attached to that bike, and most of all, to the God who made it all possible.

Here’s some pictures of me up here in the mountains, loving God, loving myself, and loving His creation (people included haha).



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