[Post] June Running Update

Photo Jun 20, 6 04 20 AM

Some of the girls walking along Jamaica Avenue for an early Dunkin Donuts run.

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I suppose that’s what happens when life goes from zero to sixty. The mission trip took up most of my time in June, from the prep and planning and last-minute adjustments to the actual trip to balancing the church checkbook after the trip! It’s always a huge endeavor to take a group of teenagers anywhere, much less 1400 miles away to NYC. It was an amazing experience and I’m always blessed by the people we serve and the teens themselves. I love seeing their worldviews challenged and their minds expanded- this year that was especially true because Jamaica, Queens is the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the United States.

Anyways, I digress. I could write a whole post about the mission trip, and maybe I will, but this is the running update! I’m proud to say that June was my second month of running consistently. I run almost everyday now, just because I enjoy it (never in a million years thought I would say that!). I’m up to running 3.1 miles fairly consistently (about every other run). A few days ago I got a PR of 37 minutes for 3.1 miles! Slow for a lot of people, but I’m proud of myself considering that I started at 40 minutes for that distance.

My mile is down to 10:24 and my longest distance of straight running without a break is 1.25. The longest distance I went in June (and ever!) was 4 miles- a de-stresser run before the mission trip. Altogether I ran 33.8 miles in June!

I’m still using RunKeeper and enjoying seeing my progress. Here’s a snapshot of the notes I took after runs:

  • April 19th: I ran every other quarter mile. It was exhausting but fun to do with duke and taking pretty pictures.
  • May 20th: Ran at highland park without the dog and with music. Did .65 miles at a run, then on and off after that (longest run was .25 miles). It felt good to stretch my legs with some yoga at the end.
  • June 15th: 4 miles! Slow but I made it. I’m the tortoise ๐Ÿ™‚ ran one mile, walked .4, ran to .75, walked to 2… Annnd I don’t remember the rest haha. But mostly .25’s with a .5 mixed in somewhere. Overall, Iโ€™m proud that I did 4 miles!
  • June 29th: So awesome! I did it even when I didn’t think could ๐Ÿ™‚ just took it one step at a time and I ended up getting my best 3.1 time!!! 37 min exactly!!! Aahhh!!! I also ran TWO (separate) MILES in this run, plus a half a mile and a quarter. Which means I ran 2.75 miles out of 3.15! So amazing. Praise God for my legs and heart/lungs that allow me to do this!

As you can see from the various notes, Iโ€™m making progress! I love being able to see that when I began it was hard to run a ยผ of a mile, and now Iโ€™m running one mile solid at the beginning of a 3.1 mile run. Crazy what a little time and effort can do ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your milestones this week and/or month? When did you start really enjoying your runs? How do you keep track of your progress?


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