Tuesday Motivation


A beautiful hazy morning in McDonald, PA

I think Monday sucks all the motivation out of me. It’s 7:45pm and despite having had all day to get out the door, I still haven’t run yet! I read a quote on Pinterest the other day that said something like “Motivation is what gets you going, but habit is what keeps you going.” I’ve found this to be pretty true, although sometimes habit can be helped with motivation. Habit might make me think “It’s time to run now” but sometimes it takes motivation to actually get me out the door!

It’s funny how random motivation can be: a new app, traveling, the dog needing to go out. Sometimes it’s the exotic and new that helps me lace my shoes, other times it’s the banal and familiar. Lately I’ve noticed three things that have pushed me to run:  getting PRs, sight-seeing, and trying out new apps.

Beating Myself

It’s always exciting to get a PR. That’s why I use RunKeeper- it lets me build on my successes and see how much I’ve improved. I got a few PRs this month- longest distance, highest elevation climb. I’m always looking forward to seeing that “New Records!” screen on the Runkeeper App after a run. Maybe it’s the competitive person in me, but I just want to get better and better. It’s been a little frustrating, actually, because I seem to have plateaued at 3.1 total distance miles and 1.25 continuous running miles. My lovely sister recommended strength training classes but I haven’t been able to get my butt out the door to attend them! Hopefully it happens this week.

If you’re stuck in a running rut, start to record your times and distances as a way to push yourself. It just might get you out the door!


I’m completely addicted to this screen.

The Running Tourist

On the mission trip I saw running as an opportunity to sight-see by myself (although I did invite the teens- no one accepted haha). I ran once in McDonald, PA where we stopped for the night and twice in Jamaica. McDonald has to be one of the hilliest places on earth! The house we stayed in was literally on the side of the hill- the church van barely made it up to park in the driveway (it was terrifying). I walked the hills but ran in the valley below, where there was a nice trail and got some beautiful pictures of the morning light and fog. Unfortunately the path ended in a park with no sidewalks (weird right?) so my shoes got soaked in the morning dew and I got a pretty nasty blister that is still bothering me 3 weeks later. Bleh.


A yellow brick road in McDonald 🙂


Those hills! This was halfway up the hill.


Awesome street art.

I am crazy in love with NYC, so it wasn’t hard to get up at 5:30 in the morning to run there- even though I was exhausted by the end of the day. The first run was more exploratory than anything. YouthWorks gave us specific boundaries that were safe to wander around in, so after running/walking the small-ish grid a few times I was ready to run somewhere else. It was a little scary running by myself in an area that I’d never been in before and looking back, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone else. I felt safe most of the time but I definitely stuck to the major roads. The area of Jamaica that we were in wasn’t super nice. On the second run I was more familiar with the area so I went a little out of boundaries and found a cool park with a historic house. Even at 6am there were a bunch of people out, so I felt safe. I’m really glad I ran those mornings- it was a great chance to collect myself and be alone before the busy day started, plus it was an excuse to see more of the city. In the future I will definitely use running as an excuse to sight-see!


The 6:30am view from the showers 🙂


6am in Jamaica!


During the day the streets were extremely crowded so it was fun to see them completely empty!

New Toys

On Thursday I downloaded an app called RockMyRun because I’m tired of the same old songs that I run to on my phone. Pandora has too much variation- I would hate to be interrupted in the middle of a sprint with a super slow song. Sadly there isn’t a version of GrooveShark on the Iphone, which would be ideal. However, I googled “Running music apps” and found RockMyRun and I love it so far. They just have different playlists that you can listen to- all fast-paced and with whatever kind of genre you want. They even have a classical playlist! You can also search by BPM if you want to be that specific. Most of the playlists are fee-based, but I’m just using the free ones and have enjoyed them so far. It’s refreshing to listen to different music, plus I like not knowing what song is going to come up next. I took an extra run on the 4th of July to test the app out, so it’s gotten me out the door already!

If you’re still not motivated, try to buy something new that has to do with running. New running shorts, a cool gadget, an app- even a sweet water bottle might help you get out the door. I have new headphones that will (hopefully!) help get me up and running tonight!

Here are some more pictures from my runs and a few from the 4th of July. Enjoy and I hope you find something that motivates you today!


My faithful running partner!


RunKeeper app on a pretty good run.




Duke surrounded by his friends at the park.


The shade of this part of the trail is so nice on these hot days!




The sunset during the Haynes Apperson Festival in Kokomo- Blue Oyster Cult played on the 4th of July.


Me and handsome during the concert

Have you ever run just to sight-see? What apps do you use while running? What keeps you motivated?


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