Infinite Variety

On the farm I intern with 4 beautiful, talented women, and I find myself constantly jealous of their beautiful bodies.  This sinful attitude is tangled up in my own sinful focus on my own body- on the way it ‘should look’ and the way clothes fit on it.  The crazy thing is- I KNOW  that I am beautiful.  I KNOW that God gave me an amazing body that serves him in just the right way- swimming, biking, hiking, farming, walking- I have done all of these for His glory.


So what’s the deal?  I don’t really know, I just want peace.  God loves me, and He uses the weakest, plainest, most broken people to bring Him glory.  I certainly take pride in the fact that I am not enough- I will never be

fast enough, strong enough, smart enough, thin enough, creative enough, likeable enough, outgoing enough, etc.

What I WILL BE is all those things in Christ.  Perhaps the answer to my body-hate is to love Christ so much that I cannot hate His creation, my body.

He has given me tools to squish Satan’s lies in my heart.  I don’t read magazines anymore- they’re much more destructive than they’re worth!  Also, I found this really great website that shows real women’s bodies, and the infinite variety.  There is something to celebrate in all of us!  The website is below.


Keep me in your prayers, fellow Saints, and let me know of any advice you may have.  My ears are open to the Holy Spirit’s wisdom in my life!picture451


2 thoughts on “Infinite Variety

  1. Be patient. He (God) has a plan! I’m sure because I couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago where my life would lead. It’s an adventure no matter what size, color of skin, gender, or intelligence you have. This week in Paris I noticed varied people in a town that is so fashionable. I even found a blouse from a designer store.

  2. You are beautiful, Laura! It’s SO easy to get caught in the comparison trap. I know I do it with running- I still haven’t run a 5k because I read online that some people can walk it in the time that I can run it! Ridiculous, right? Your post is very timely for me- I needed to read this for sure. Love you!

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