Guilt-Free Scrapbooking

“I’m too busy to scrapbook.”

“I’ll do it when I’m old and have nothing else to do.”

“I have all of this paper and crafty stuff, but when I get it out it’s so overwhelming.”

“How will catch up on the years and years that aren’t scrapbooked yet?”

Although I love the idea of scrapbooking, these are thoughts that have crossed my mind at some point or the other. For a long time I’d do it in great bursts of productivity where I’d get ten pages done in a few days, and then nothing for months after that. I have to confess, my wedding scrapbook still isn’t done (over two years later). After years of struggle I finally stumbled upon a solution that works for me. I actually enjoy scrapbooking instead of looking at my “Pictures” file on my computer and being filled with guilt.

Some of the regular readers might be thinking what in the world does this have to do with running/healthy living? Our blog title/tagline reads “Sisters in Search… of health, happiness, and holiness.” Well, we write a lot about the first one, some about the last one, and not so much about the middle one. I think that as much as running and staying healthy is a huge part of my life, it won’t make me happy. I could be the best/fastest runner in the world and that alone still wouldn’t guarantee happiness, right?

So what does make me happy? My relationship with Christ, for one. My relationship with my husband. Basically, the “rest” of my life that isn’t a huge feature on this blog. So in an effort to show more of who I am and what makes me tick, I’m going to start featuring the scrapbooking that I do for my little family. Like running, it will help me be accountable for keeping up with it every month and I’ll get to show off my hard work a little bit 🙂 I’ll let you know what’s working/not working for me and hopefully give you ideas and inspire you to scrapbook on your own!

I know there are a TON of time-consuming and tedious ways to scrapbook, but here’s what I’ve figured out is best for me:

1. Using Project Life.

Developed by the brilliant Becky Higgins, this system takes the stress out of scrapbooking by basically doing the layouts and color coordination for you. You can buy clear 12×12 photo pocket pages in a variety of layouts, plus coordinated cards (my favorite design, SeaFoam, is on the link) that come in sizes that fit in the pockets, and literally all you do is take your photos and slip them in the pockets. Then you take the cards and write whatever you want on them, and slip those in the remaining pockets. On her website it says that her system makes scrapbooking “guilt free” and “less time consuming” and that is SO true. I can’t second those statements enough! Find out more about Project Life here.

2. Doing a page (or so) per month.

Although the Project Life website suggests doing a weekly page, that would be a nightmare for me. Doing it once a month takes the pressure off and I actually look forward to scrapbooking instead of dreading it. I also find myself including more day-to-day activities instead of having just major events like vacations/birthdays/holidays. Sometimes I’ll include movie tickets or pictures of pretty flowers (you know how much I love those!)- things that probably wouldn’t make it into a normal scrapbook.

Confession #2: I haven’t been keeping up on this very well (as in, I’m scrapbooking February right now), so I hope this will help keep me accountable. I did it every month from August 2012 to December 2012, which is a pretty big deal for me but life (moving, new puppy, new job, school) got in the way and I want to scrapbook regularly again! So here goes… I hope you join me!

Here are some pictures of pages I’ve done in the past. The rest are here on my Pinterest. Enjoy!

One of the Dec 2012 pages

One of the Dec 2012 pages- the square that the movie ticket is in and the top right card are examples of the Project Life cards you can buy.

A Nov page

A Nov page- no Project Life cards, although the pocket pages were invaluable here!

Another Nov page

Another Nov page- this time I didn’t use anything Project Life related. Although it’s a useful tool, sometimes it just doesn’t work with the photos I have.

Photo Aug 06, 1 29 00 PM

An up-close look at one of the pages: Thanksgiving with the lovely Laura! The two 3×4 cards on the top right are both Project Life, as well as the one on the bottom left that you can barely see (it has a dark red background with brighter red dots on it).


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