August/July Running Update

Four whole months running (fairly) regularly! I’m really proud of myself- if you knew how difficult it is for me to stick to things, you’d be amazed that this has lasted so long 🙂

July total: 31.8 miles

August total: 20.3 miles (running), 10.6 miles (cycling/swimming)

july runs


Personal records:

Ran 2 miles without stopping! (July)

Fastest 5k times (36:16 in July to 35:40 in August)

Most calories burned (524- July)

Farthest distance (4.01 miles- July)

This is the first time I’ve done a calendar format and it’s interesting to see the trends. I tend to run in two day increments, oddly. I do one long-ish run per week (although I did three long runs on the 4th week of July!). My running was definitely too haphazard- for one whole week in each of the months, I didn’t run at all! And apparently I was only motivated to run at the end of the week in August… Despite not getting very many records and not sticking to any sort of schedule at least I ran, right? I’ll definitely aim higher this month though. Most of my runs were at Foster Park since it’s so close, although it might help me to vary the locations so that it doesn’t get monotonous. I finagled (great word right?) my wonderful husband into running with me a few times and I hope to keep doing that when our schedules match up. I also ran on a treadmill for the first time in over a year and I don’t like it as much as running outside, but it’s convenient when I also need to bike and swim that day.

Here are some highlights of my notes in Runkeeper:

July 3rd: “…its crazy how much my mental determination or lack thereof makes a difference…”

July 11th: “Woot! Fastest 3.1 time yet! AND I ran 1.5 without stopping! I started out slow (11:00 mile) and walked a bit. I ran around the park a few times (a little scary after dark) and then around the streets by the house. I felt like I could run for miles 🙂 I’m really proud of myself!”

July 15th: “…I did get to my happy running place though 🙂 I need to remember to push through the first mile and a half-ish and then I’ll be fine. Maybe if I think of the first mile and a half as a warm-up?”

July 26:”Ran 2 miles straight! I went slow and steady and it felt good! I didn’t do negative splits but i did both miles at the same pace (12:09)!”

July 25: “Woot! Started out with a slow one mile (it really helps to think of it as a warm-up), walked .25, then ran another mile! Walked another .25 and finished off 3.1 with a run. Did a 5k in 37 min exactly! I’m really proud of myself. Then I walked .25 and ran .5. Then walked the last bit. Did 4 miles total in 49 min!!!! My last 4 miler took 54, so a great PR for me :-)”

Aug. 16: “Terrible. Note to self: poptarts are not enough food to fuel a run! Ran .5, walked .25, ran .5, walked .5, ran .5. Ugh. BUT I did it and that’s all that matters.”

Aug 14: “Ran at Jackson morrow park with Duke. Ran one, walked .4, ran one, walked .2, and sprinted the last .5. It felt good, especially after a weekend where I couldn’t run at all. I hardcore sprinted the last .25- it was awesome. Had sweat/tears in my eyes, snot globs on my face- but it was worth it bc I PR’d!!! Best 3.1 yet and I wasn’t even trying until the very end. Proud of myself :-)”

My goals for September are:

– Complete the LazyMan by the 11th (I’m getting pretty close! 9 out of 26.2 miles ran, 30 out of 112 miles biked, and 1 out of 2.4 miles swam already!)

– Run more regularly- hopefully using this training plan will accomplish this.

– Run in more locations than just Foster Park.

– Run a 5k!

Have you been sticking to your workout plan this summer? What are your running goals this month?

Hope you’re having a blessed day!



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