The Reason

My name is Laura McKinstry.  My middle name is Jean and I love being called Laura Jean.  Jesus is my leader.  He plays every significant role in my life- teacher, Father, creator, lover, healer, friend, provider.  If I were to wake up and find him absent, I would not be able to live.  To breathe is to know that I am His and His alone.  My love letter to Him is written in steps, gestures, quick smiles and the light in my eyes.

His love letter to me is longer than my life and starts at the world’s conception.  The opening greeting is his love for Adam and Eve, every sentence after that beginning with one of His followers as a capital letter.  Recently he has included sentences with me as the capital letter.  I am His faithful one in this new sentence.  The people that encourage and influence me are the consonants, and the His beautiful creations are the vowels.

The words change throughout the letter, but the same light remains behind them all.  This love letter makes me cry.  It makes me laugh for joy and disbelief.  It brings me pain when I am unfaithful to Him, but the largest rock in my chest comes from God’s son, Jesus Christ.

He came to this earth, can you believe it?  God saw that the people he loves are broken and hurting. He knew that I was hurting.  He did not abandon, or forsake me (us).  I need Him so much because of my brokenness.  I have committed wrongs that no (wo)man can right.  Daily it seems His love for me should not and cannot be.  He is God.  He is light, love, and all that is right.  He is holy.  How can he love me??

In His letter he told me that Jesus was man and God at the same time.  The only way for me to be made right, was for Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man, to die in my place.  Amazing.  I don’t have to die for my sins.  Jesus did that.  For me!

This is my favorite part of the love letter: Jesus died- for 3 days he was dead; then God raised him back to life.

Jesus is alive!! He’s not on earth anymore, he is alive and the devil couldn’t defeat him!  Ahhhhhh so cool!  All this is written in God’s beautiful love letter to me – to us!

His letter is not finished.  It will not be complete while the devil continues to rule the earthly realm.  One glorious, fantastical day, Our Lord- Jesus Christ- is coming back to earth.  Here he will come to claim His conquered kingdom.  He will create a New Heaven and a New Earth.  Amazing!

Thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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